‘Reggish Paddy’ from TiarnĂ¡n O Duinnchinn - an undoubted master of the uilleann pipes

(August 30, 2017)

For aficionados of the uilleann pipes the name Tiarnán O Duinnchinn will be familiar, unfortunately, there will be a great many that although not recognising the name, will be more than familiar with his work through collaborations with other artists and bands, film Reggish Paddy album coversoundtracks and television work. The infinitely haunting and utterly evocative sound of the uilleann pipes continues to add depth and emphasis across so many artistic expressions. Now with ‘Reggish Paddy’, O Duinnchinn latest solo work, one of the most influential pipers of his generation reveals his expressive and subtle playing across a selection of jigs, reels, strathspeys and polkas.

Highly creative, superbly inventive and completely captivating ‘Reggish Paddy’ is replete with rich, pure emotive playing that’s as technically brilliant as it is awash with feeling. Reels like sparkling ‘Reggish Paddy/Bunch of Regulator Keys’ and ‘O’Mahoney’s/Oak Tree’, jigs to raise the spirit from ‘Allistrum’s March/Coileach ag Fógairt an Lae’ and ‘Fairy Queen/Dance for the Haymakers’ plus a tarantella ‘Tarantella alla Carpinese’ and animated polkas ‘Return of Spring/Mountain Pathway’ – the scope of ‘Reggish Paddy’ will pull everyone into the magic woven by Tiarnán O Duinnchinn, an undoubted master of the uilleann pipes.


Review: Charlie Elland

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