‘Now Then’ from Simon Taylor - music of multiple textures

(September 10, 2017)

The sound-scape created by ‘Now Then’ from Simon Taylor could be described as haunting or perhaps embracing, maybe enthralling or possibly hypnotic – all are appropriate. Simon Taylor Now Then 001Whatever words you choose to describe this album, it’s music of multiple textures – weaving itself into varying forms and shapes. At times the arrangements come with feelings and evocations from hundreds of years ago and then they rushe straight into contemporary impressions and resonances.

The musical expressions move from dreamy, almost wistful imaginings to pulsing energies and impressions. The mix of instrumentation slides fiddle, whistle and bodhran across a web of keys and devices laid across an anchor of drums and percussion. The mix is eclectic, moving into folk essences, balladic influences and jazzy echoes – the traces are multiple, it’s hard to pin down and categorise yet it’s supremely easy to absorb.

‘Now Then’ comes from Simon Taylor (guitars, bass, keyboards, devices) Emma Peters (fiddle)  Robbie Perry (percussion, goatboy kit, box harp)  Ronan O’Snodaigh (bodhran) Wally desmond (whistle) and Lance Hogan (drum kit).


Review: Charlie Elland

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