‘Noise Machine’ - Jim McHugh - energy, passion, drive and expression

(September 11, 2017)

This music clearly has deep-seated roots - cultural, musical and social - and like all music with roots, it takes many forms. There's abrasive folk rock with edge and irritation, wrenching ballads with anguish and distress. There’s personal recognition and unrestrained observation. Noise Machine Jim McHughThere’s energy, passion, drive and expression.

The outcome is an album that may not be for everyone but those that tune in to Jim McHugh’s brand of naked heredities and unrestrained deliveries will find ‘Noise Machine’ very much to their taste. The vocals arrive loud and strong sometimes thundering their message into your ears. Even when McHugh slows it down somewhat and embraces a ballad style, that accusative vocal edge remains. The same can be said of the ripping guitar breaks and power-house bass and drumming. Definitely leaning further towards the harder rockier side of folk rock but if you like powerful music with emphasis and expression, then then it’s here.

‘Noise Machine’ features Jim McHugh (vocals, guitars, keyboard) James ‘Butch’ McNeill (drums) Paul McCabe (bass) with on selected tracks Ben Reel (backing vocals and djembe).


Review: Charlie Elland

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