‘Kindling’ from Jigfoot - music for dancing, music for listening

(September 22, 2017)

There are many purveyors of classic English traditional dance tunes, some are good, some are outstanding ... Jigfoot fall squarely into the latter category. Their latest album ‘Kindling’ is music for dancing, it’s also music for listening. Above all this music that reaches out to audience and listener with an engagement flowing throughout that will make it a sure-fire regular listen.Kindling from Jigfoot

‘Kindling’ features a collection of hornpipes, reels and polkas, there’s also their own ‘edge’ of invention that translates into engaging effervesence ... this is dance music with definite swing. Jigfoot’s specialisation is tunes from southern English sources that said, they happily move up and down the country for sources of inspiration. The album cover lists sources and locations, reflecting on the easily recognised and introducing the less well-known. From ‘Bang Up Hornpipe’ and ‘The Brighton’ through ‘Fish and Taters’ and ‘Bonnets So Blue’ to ‘Beatrice Hill’s Three Handed Reel’ and ‘Off She Goes’ (widely known as the melody for the children’s song Humpty Dumpty).

Jigfoot are Nic Bradford (guitar, vocals) Ben Potton (violin) Gill Redmond (cello) Kim Sheil (melodeon) and Cath Watkins (violin, vocals) with Simon Harmer (feet).


Review: Tim Carroll

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