‘California Calling’ Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards - a comprehensively fine album

(September 23, 2017)

A closeness to pop and rooted in folk – that’s a quick summary of ‘California Calling’ from Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards. The longer and more considered and less concise observation, Laura Cortese California Callingtakes in the immediacy that fits with contemporary American folk, also the revealing presence harking back to seventies folk with just a touch of some old-time nuances. And that’s what makes this album so thoroughly engaging and absorbing – the depths that sit behind the songs and the musical intrigue that holds your attention.

The evidence of ‘California Calling’ proves that Laura Cortese can pull together a wide range of observations and recollections to create songs that flow and coalesce to form an involving whole, and all the while that entrancing voice commands you to listen. The attraction begins with ‘The Low Hum’, continues with ‘Three Little Words’ and ‘Hold On’ from there ‘Someday’, ‘Stockholm’ and ‘Pace Myself’ continue the allure, while the title track ‘California Calling’ remains my favourite.

‘California Calling’ is a comprehensively fine album and one you should hear.


Review: Tom Franks

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