‘A Hand Full of Songs’ - Jim Page - stories that make you sit up and listen

(September 28, 2017)

If there’s something to say about Jim Page’s music it’s the vital relevance of the man’s lyrics. This raw and visceral Americana folk with bite. Taking a sometimes acerbic view of politics, A Hand Full Of Songs 001looking perceptively at relationships, observing what’s going on, speaking out against mediocrity or simply telling stories that make you sit up and listen. This is music with social awareness. Unafraid to employ sarcasm, mockery and sharpness of wit to make the point.

Founded by the influences of 1960’s San Francisco Bay Area music and artistic experimentation, Page has extended his reach over the years through travels and experiences the result evident in a wealth of recordings, the latest of which is ‘A Hand Full of Songs’.

The scope is wide, the subjects varied but each is treated to the Page world-view and they are the better for it. From the opening lyrical twists and turns of ‘Questions and Answers’ and the biting observation of ‘Landlord’ to the immediacy and irony of ‘Nothing Rhymes with Orange’ and intensity of ‘Masters of Lies’ there’s messages here that everyone should hear.

I really rate ‘A Hand Full of Songs’ and I’m pretty sure that you will too


Review: Tom Franks

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