‘Homegrown’ from Searson - a superb and brilliantly crafted album

(October 19, 2017)

Many folk in the UK are unaware that this year Canada celebrates 150 years since confederation, its sesquicentennial anniversary. In homage to that event, Searson, aka Homegrown Searsonsisters, Erin and Colleen Searson have created an album featuring work by such Canadian artists as Bryan Adams, Neil Young, Robbie Robertson and Natalie Macmaster. That album is ‘Homegrown’, which pretty much speaks for itself.

There are a myriad of influences brought by the sisters to the work of these artists and each track bears the hallmark of their own interpretation. Begininng with ‘Time’ from Chantal Kreviazuk, Michael Maida and Greg Wattenberg, they move into the instrumental ‘Hillside Echoes’ by Denis Lanctot before they deliver a moving take on Robbie Robertson’s ‘Ophelia’. From there they deliver a sparkling ‘Father John MacLeod’s Jig’ by Natalie MacMaster, straight into an instrumental version of ‘Heaven’ the iconic Bryan Adams ballad, before an inspired take Neil Young’s ‘Long May You Run’.

Interested in Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary or not, this ‘snapshot’ of its music is a superb and brilliantly crafted album. Playing on ‘Homegrown’ are Erin Searson (vocals, piano, organ) Colleen Searson (vocals, violin) Fraser Gauthier (bass, tenor guitar) Colin Wylie (guitar, vocal) and Richard Irwin (drums).


Review: Tom Franks

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