‘Fairer Skies’ - Spoil The Dance - doing what they do and doing it rather well

(November 09, 2017)

First coming across the band Spoil The Dance in 2015 with their album ‘Northern Common’, I recall saying: ‘... it’s like listening to a local band playing in your living room’ or something similar. And now with their latest album, ‘Fairer Skies’ I have no reason to change my mind. Fairer Skies album coverThis is outstanding grass-roots British folk, with traditional rubbing shoulders with contemporary and tune sets sitting alongside songs.

Spoil The Dance are still Gaynor Brook on vocals, whose voice gives so much depth to their songs, Sally Gay on flute, which adds an emotional haunting edge to their music, Steve Brook playing guitar, bouzouki, bass and bodhrán with Charlie Smallwood on mandolin, mandola, guitar and whistle.

The highlights of the instrumentals are ‘Trip To Skye/ Breton An Dro/ The Cat and The Capo’ and ‘Cahiramee/ Farewell To Whalley Range’ and the best of the songs are ‘Broken Brook’, ‘The Factory Girl’, Days Of Summer’, a fine take on ‘Ten Thousand Miles’ and Anna Shannon’s ‘The Dying Of The Day’.

As before, Spoil The Dance offer exactly what’s expected, and with ‘Fairer Skies’ there’s no embroidery, no over production, just a simple folk band doing what they do and doing it rather well.


Review: Charlie Elland

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