‘More Songs To Sing’ by Thomas Johnston - a ‘voyage of narratives’

(November 13, 2017)

The roots of Americana spread far and wide. The reach encompasses various styles and approaches. However, one aspect always remains. That’s one man with his guitar making More Songs To Sing 001straightforward personal statements through intimate songs or taking a wider view observing the people and places encountered on his travels and experiences. Many artists take you on that journey, one that does it well is Thomas Johnston, and his new album ‘More Songs To Sing’, takes you through a ‘voyage of narratives’ as he shares through his music.

There’s the practical realities of ‘Indigo Sunset’ and personal intensity in ‘There For You’, through the warm reflections of ‘Slow Dancing With You’ and the frank honesty shown by ‘If Only’ to the raw truth of ‘Christmas Eve’, these songs touch you in so many ways. From the intensely personal, through sharp observations and warm reflections, to commentaries on issues with a wider impact, Johnston neither spares himself nor his audience.

The strength of an album lies in the songs and the tales they tell, the way they reach the listener and how the listener identifies with their themes - ‘More Songs To Sing’ scores on each count.


Review: Tom Franks

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