‘Here’s A Health’ from Said The Maiden ... stokes a roaring fire of jubilation

(November 29, 2017)

The new album from Said The Maiden is best described as an occasion for joyous celebration. That’s because the unique and intricate combination of singularly attractive voices, acapella Heres A Health said The Maidenharmonies and subtle expressive arrangements delivers nothing but delight. Certain albums have the ability to create a spark ... ‘Here’s A Health’ stokes a roaring fire of jubilation.

This collection brings to life traditional songs such as ‘Sweet William’s Ghost’, ‘The Bonnie Earl of Moray’ and ‘The Bird In The Bush’ each given a distinctive and inventive edge. It also showcases some luscious original compositions including ‘Polly Can You Swim’, ‘Black Annis’ and ‘Take The Night’ .. and for good measure, an inimitable take on Tom Paxton’s stranger than fiction tale ‘Jennifer’s Rabbit’. ‘Here’s A Health’ is an absolute treat ... songs of love, ghost stories, murder ballads, ribald tales, highway robbery from England, Scotland and America ... whatever your choice of tale you’ll find it here. And take note, their version of ‘Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood’ is something extra special.

Said The Maiden are Hannah Elizabeth (vocals, violin, piano accordion, mandolin) Jess Distill (vocals, flute, whistles, Appalachian Mountain dulcimer) and Kathy Pilkinton (vocals, guitar, mandolin, clarinet, electric bass). Joining them on selected tracks on ‘Here’s A Health’ are Chris Cleverley (banjo) Lukas Drinkwater (double bass) and Andrew Simmons Elliott (vocals).


Review: Tim Carroll

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