‘Laguna’ - Tom Moore and Archie Churchill-Moss - perseverance will deliver rewards

(November 25, 2017)

There’s a point where artists must decide who they are playing for – themselves or an audience. There’s also another choice – to ensure potential audiences pick up on the music or Laguna album coveraccept that some will find they have to work too hard to appreciate it. The new album from the collaboration between Tom Moore and Archie Churchill-Moss falls into both categories. It also has what are best described as startling moments of clarity coupled to occasions of obscurity – the more accessible pinnacles include 'On The Douro', the delightful 'West Park',  the sparkling 'Feeding Frenzy' and 'Crooked Man'. 

The PR blurb states: ‘This self-produced duo record is an exploration of a broad range of influence, from ancient local traditional styles to contemporary art and improvisational music.’ And that pretty much sums it up. These two are undoubtedly accomplished musicians, however some might find the improvisation needs constant attention, which may wander. Also, for some the overdubs, electronic processing and ambient sounds could cause confusion.

Perseverance will deliver rewards, however I’m not certain that all audiences will persevere, and that would be a shame. Tom Moore plays viola and violin, Archie Churchill-Moss plays melodeons. ‘Laguna’ releases 9 December.


Review: Charlie Elland

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