‘New Clouds In Motion’ – Willie Campbell & The Open Day Rotation - pretty much a permanent aural resident

(December 11, 2017)

Call it folk, country, Americana, rock, pop, indie – it matters not. The influences are all in there somewhere, and they’re all infectious. The new album from Willie Campbell & The Open Day Rotation is a genre-spanning recording that needs no classification. Take it at face value andNew Clouds in Motion enjoy the man’s highly capable songwriting skills, lyrical abilities and sharp ear for a melody. Do that and ‘New Clouds In Motion’ will become pretty much a permanent aural resident inside your head.

With a distinct Nashville flavour and identifiable Scottish roots, each song comes with its own clear attraction – from the gentle ballad style of 'Mary rest your head' through the soft rock of 'Toxic and Sweet' with Fiona McLeod on lead vocal and the tenderly reflective 'I've got a kite' to the revealing sorrow of 'Winter late in the spring' – there’s an enduring engagement that once achieved stays throughout. For my money the best of the best, because there’s not a single filler track here, are the hook laden 'Born to be blind' and 'Going htrough the motions', the rich expression of 'New eyes of gold' and  the meaningful hope of 'Circles'.

To summarise, this is a damn fine album.


Review: Tom Franks

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