‘Mountscribe’ from Rowan Piggott - a debut long waited for

(December 18, 2017)

The arrival of a debut album always sparks interest. Doubly so when the artist’s lineage stretches from the foothills of the Burren on the West Coast of Ireland, led to England to study classical violin, training as a chorister, and a diploma in jazz. Despite this varied pedigree, the pull of Mountscribe Rowan Piggotheritage remained strong and traditional music won the day. Playing his five-string fiddle at various festivals and gatherings, and compiling a book of Irish céilí tunes Rowan Piggot has forged an impressive reputation in the folk world.

His debut album ‘Mountscribe’, features a mixture of convention and innovation, for not only does Piggot demonstrate a deep understanding of and ‘feel’ for tradition, he also exhibits a fine ability to add his own edge to this music. The blend of songs and tunes fit perfectly, each combination revealing a consummate skill – ‘Old Mountscribe/ Fahey’s’ to ‘A Maide Went To Comber/ Till Viola’ and ‘The Cuckoo/ Sparven Lilla’ to The Wounded Hussar’. Add vocals that express depths of feeling, always engaging and at times verging on fragile, Piggot possesses a distinct and expressive voice.

‘Mountscribe’ is a debut long waited for, many will be pleased to hear of its arrival, and none will be disappointed.


Review: Charlie Elland

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