‘Before The Sun’ from The Friel Sisters - one to savour and relish

(December 27, 2017)

Allow this mix of tunes and songs to soak into your soul and carry you away ... that’s a pleasure that should be enjoyed to the full. Immerse yourself in ‘Before The Sun’ from The Friel Sisters and you’ll discover something so close to perfect you would be hard pressed to Before the Sun album covermake it any better.  Anna, Sheila and Clare Friel deliver traditional music and song through a seamless blend of voice and instrumentation ... through a repertoire that ranges through sparkling jigs, marches and reels to poignant songs revealing striking independence and interaction of their voices.

Throughout there’s originality and invention seated alongside a deep awareness of tradition, from the opening mix of ‘Young Tom Ennis/ King of The Pipers/ Hunt The Cat’, through ‘It’s In The Wind/ The Laurel Tree/ Repeal The Union’ and ‘An Coolin March/ Farewell to Lissy Casey/ Trim The Velvet’. And it’s equally gorgeous whenever the voices take over with songs like ‘Kevin’s Purling Stream’, ‘Moorlough Shores’, ‘Free & Easy’ and ‘Easter Snow’.

‘Before The Sun’ is an album of richness, depth and presence ... it’s also one to savour and relish.

Playing on ‘Before The Sun’ are The Friel Sisters, Anna (flute, tin whistle, vocals) Sheila (Uilleann pipes, flute, tin whistle, vocals, Tibetan singing bowl) and Clare (fiddle, vocals) with Hajime Takahashi (guitar, high-string guitar) and Cathal Ó Curráin (bouzouki).


Review: Tim Carroll

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