‘All My Swim’ - Faeland - distinct and attractive folk-pop edge

(December 27, 2017)

New to me, perhaps not so to some, there’s a duo (granted their album pulls in a host of All My Swim album coverother musicians) called Faeland that with their debut album have produced a collection of original songs that sit equally comfortably on the seats of tradition and innovation. There’s a distinct and attractive folk-pop edge that blends to a greater or lesser degree, sources of influence that takes in British folk, folk Americana, tinges of gospel and blues, which creates a level of eclecticism carefully blended and mixed into their own style.

The overall feel of ‘All My Swim’ is softly involving, somewhat ethereal and almost fragile, applying instruments and voice to build its pictures through gently delivered lyrics and enchanting arrangements. As each song develops and takes shape, there’s an engagement leading the listener into their embrace - ‘We’re Just A Love Song’, ‘All My Swim’, ‘Chantress’ and ‘Silent Story’, and the quietly alluring ‘Trains’.

‘All My Swim’ releases 20 January 2018 and Faeland are Rebecca Nelson (lead vocals, guitar) and Jacob Morrison (guitar, ukulele, banjo, backing vocals), joined by Lizzie Tucker (double bass, backing vocals) martin Solomon (violin, Celtic harp, accordion, mandolin) Rowan Sterk (drums, percussion) Matthew Heyse-Moore (clarinet) Michael Stanton (Rhodes, Hammond, santoor) and Sarah Moody (cello).


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