‘Cold Rooms’ - Ben Morgan-Brown - open-tuned approach, sensitively elusive vocals

(January 09, 2018)

Don’t you just love it when you play an album for the first time, especially from an artist you’re not familiar with, and you discover you’ve struck gold? That’s what lies waiting for anyone Ben Morgan-Brown - Cold Roomslistening to ‘Cold Rooms’ from Ben Morgan-Brown. Now it’s true that this EP is his third outing into recording, the first two being self-released, but this is the first one that’s made it to my ears. There’s an open-tuned approach, sensitively elusive vocals, echoes of influence from other days and times just enough required through the arrangements to do considerable justice to both guitar and voice.

‘Cold Rooms’ was recorded by Josh Clark and features five original songs (with a ‘bonus’ sixth track available through Bandcamp). The raft of experiences that have accompanied this artist’s young life have clearly left their mark, you only have to listen to the revelations and frank appraisal within the songs to understand that, from the title track ‘Cold Rooms’ and ‘No More Fooling’ to ‘Been Away So’ and the outstanding ‘Sunken Treasures’ there’s considerable mileage to Morgan-Brown’s talent. And as with all excellent EPs, all that’s left is to wait in hope for the album.


Review: Tom Franks

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