‘Reverie’ from Stables - hovering around a mistiness of genres

(January 12, 2018)

Accepted wisdom holds it’s the second album that’s the hard one. Fair enough, but ‘Reverie’ from Matthew Lowe and Daniel Trenholme aka Stables, is a second outing, and a damn fine Stables album coveralbum, it also shows a duo that oozes confidence and capability. Their sound hovers around a mistiness of genres ... a few sixties-folk throwbacks, tinges of west coast Americana, edges of guitar driven duos, percussive echoes and polished harmonies ... each effectively corralled by this duo into their own style. The musicianship is absorbing and the vocal acrobatics riveting ... both smoothly matched to pull the best from the songs.

All the tracks on ‘Reverie’ are Matthew Lowe originals with Daniel Trenholme contributing one of his own. Although the album evokes a certain ‘past times’ feel, and you can hear that from track to track, it remains contemporary in delivery. There’s dynamism and energy in ‘Dandelion & Daises’, ‘French Martini’ and ‘Reverie’, quiet expression through ‘Worry’, ‘Start’ and ‘Life With You On Repeat’. There’s just enough sound effects to create interest without distracting the listener and nothing takes away from the presence of the voices ... they are integral to the Stables sound and provide the band with much of its conspicuous originality. 

An album to enjoy and a band worth getting to know.


Review: Tim Carroll

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