‘Devils and Doxies’ – Greenman Rising - fixed firmly ‘in the tradition’

(January 12, 2018)

Greenman Rising is among those bands that form the staple diet of Englsih folk - absorbed in their rendition of songs and tunes, fixed firmly ‘in the tradition’, each song given their own interpretation, which folk musicians and singer shave done since time began. With ‘Devils Greenman Rising - Devils and Doxiesand Doxies’ Greenman Rising do that extremely well. The breadth of instrumental scope and the mix of lead voices gives their sound significant depth and interest - enough tradition to anchor and enough difference to innovate.

The album includes the oft covered and multi-versioned ‘Bedlam Boys’, ‘The Ballad of Vic Williams’, the British soldier accused of going ‘on the run’ during the Iraq War, a splendid version of Sandy Denny’s ‘Winter Winds’, ‘Ratcliffe Highway’ plus a take on tradition with ‘Bonny Ship The Diamond’ and another many versioned song ‘Lowlands of Holland’. They also offer some fine tune sets, ‘The Moon and Seven Stars Set’, ‘Babes in the Wood Set’ and ‘Three Around Three Set’ each one awash with energy and vivacity

Greenman Rising are Steve Bentley (vocals, bodhrán) Andrew Wigglesworth (melodeons, whistle) Eddie Bentley (bass, baritone guitar, guitar) Rebecca Park (fiddle, bassoon, recorder) Jen Waghorn - vocals, fiddle, mandolin) and Richard Sullivan (guitar, mandolin, mandola)


Review: Charlie Elland

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