‘Metanoia’ from Yvonne Lyon - sometime reflecting sorrow, often revealing hope

(January 11, 2018)

The arrival of a new studio album from Yvonne Lyon is always guaranteed to deliver Metanoia - album coversomething stunning – sharp as razor lyrics, delivered by a voice with the capacity to haunts and remain in your head, with themes that raise emotion and evoke both past and future memories. ‘Metanoia’ does all that and more with its fascinating mix of folk Americana vibe.

Although it’s sometimes pedestrian to state that a new album improves on what has gone before, ‘Metanoia’ is in my view her best work to date. 'Held' was wonderful, 'Metanoia' is a masterpiece. There’s a revealing honesty relying on raw truth, unrepentant optimism tempered by recognition of self and expectations.   ‘Metanoia’ combines unreleased and reinvented songs that hold real dignity and bearing – ‘Where The Poor Find Gold’, ‘Pockets Full Of Storms’, ‘Hope’, ‘Sweetest Freedom’ plus the utterly fulfilling ‘Everything’s Fine’ and the ultimate hope within ‘She Survived The Winter’.

‘Metanoia’ is an album of beauty – sometime reflecting sorrow, often revealing hope.


Review: Tom Franks

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