‘Open Road’ – Diane Patterson - drives and pulses, soothes and caresses

(February 13, 2018)

The words 'sacred' and 'spiritual' have little to do with religion. I learned that in the southern Open Road album coverRocky Mountains finding out about spirtuality and life in Pike National Forest over 45 years ago. Some music is described as spiritual, sometimes accurately – the music created by Diane Patterson definitely fits that description and ‘Open Road’ her latest album offers enough spiritual infusion to suggest it should be offered by medical practitioners for ‘soul healing’. The essences of this album synthesise and coalesce through challenges, grieving, inspiration, reflection and ultimately healing, with a mix of influence showing through and resulting in a fusion that needs to be heard.

Making an undoubted impression through a voice that demands attention overlaying an instrumental mix that drives and pulses, soothes and caresses, ‘Open Road’ encourages you to join on a journey of refuge – from the truths in ‘Rogue River Highway’ and the potent ‘If There Are Words’ through the unhindered honesty of ‘Baby Loves Love’ and Marca Cassity’s ‘Raven’ to thedeeply  reflective ‘Eagle Feather’ and ‘Shape Your Sorrow’. Listen and feel healed.


Review: Tom Franks

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