‘Lord Of The Desert’ - 3hattrio - a soundscape that makes you become a traveller

(February 13, 2018)

There’s a strange other-worldly feel to this music, the taste of another time, a reflection of a place long-visited, and of spirit and life-force. The trio that create this sound is 3hattrio and in their words, they play something called American Desert Music. Their stated aim is to "... Lord of the Desert 3hattriocreate a new music which responds to the natural world of their scred homeland, near Zion National Park in Utah ... to acknowledge the cultural traditions of generations of people who have worked and lived on the deserts of the American southwest." Yep, well take some time listening to their new album ‘Lord Of The Desert’ and you'll pretty much agree they've hit it square on.

‘Lord Of The Desert’ is most accurately described as forming a soundscape that makes you want to become a traveller in their world, and journey across a trail of images and environments, building an aural picture of wide open scarred by wind and heat. It's a launch point, a focus of departure to wilder places. The tracks to look out for – ‘Dust Devil’, ‘Night Sky’, ‘War’, ‘Wastelands of Yesterday’ and ‘Lord of the Desert’.

‘Lord of the Desert’ releases February 23, 2018, and 3hattrio are Hal Cannon (banjo, guitar, Weissenborn, fretted Oud, vocal) Greg Istock (acoustic bass, foot percussion, piano, vocals, both worded and improvisational) and Eli Wrankle (violin).


Review: Tom Franks

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