‘Celticana’ from The Sweet Sorrows – traditional Celtic influence poured over rock-tinged Americana

(February 14, 2018)

Although the arrival of yet another ‘definition’ usually puts my cynicism radar on high gain, the album ‘Celticana’ from The Sweet Sorrows perfectly describes what you get ... and it’s rather bloody good. There’s a combination of sharp songwriting, a clear ‘feel’ for precise andCelticana album cover engaging lyrics, wrapped up in a Celtic-Americana mix that’s rich in delivery and profuse with catchy hooks ... add luscious vocals, both lead and harmonies and that’s ‘Celticana’.

The balance in this album is perfect, showing a band with multiple facets to its music ... from the opening percussive drive of ‘The Angel’s Share’ revealing its unmistakeable Irish heritage, through the steamy groove of ‘I Don’t Believe’ to the reflective understanding of ‘When Anger Burns A Bridge’. The sway of Irish influence rises to the top of the glass with the striking ‘A Hundred Years’ and the foot-stomping ‘Wexford In The Morning’ there’s a dose of Nashville appearing with ‘Heartbreaking Beautiful’ before the outstanding cocktail of ‘A Few Scars’.

The Sweet Sorrows (Sammy and Kylie Horner plus some talented friends) have created an intermingling of traditional Celtic influence and narrative poured over and fused with vibrant rock-tinged Americana ... and ensured that it’s a mélange to savour.


Review: Tim Carroll

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