‘Wood For The Trees’ by Fran Wyburn - an elegant and refined album

(February 18, 2018)

When the EP ‘Postcards’ from Fran Wyburn arrived and revealed a delicate yet exquisite voice, meandering softly across gently delivered songs, I ventured that here was '... a talent that surely has some distance to go ... and will not remain unheard of for long'.  And now Fran Wyburn Wood For The Treescomes the debut album ‘Wood For The Trees’ and there’s little doubt that expectation is fulfilled. There’s still a tranquil wistfulness reflecting through these intense and personal songs ... generating a closeness to the artist that such intimate songs always reveal.

The opener ‘Foolish Sea’ brings you into the album and begins the journey, the eponymous ‘Wood for the Trees’ offers more of that fragile sounding yet precisely sensitive voice, and with ‘Snowdrops and Me’ it’s abundantly clear how far Fran has come with her songwriting. A step-change follows with the delightful lyrical convolutions of ‘Happy Forever After’, before the layered depths of ‘Pass on by’ and the exuberant ‘Mr Blackbird.’

With more space to explore the influences and distillations of her music, Fran has extended and expanded her style and delivered an elegant and refined album.

Playing on ‘Wood For The Trees’ are Fran Wyburn (guitar, piano, vocals) Rosie Evans (backing vocals) and George Birkett (guitar, vocals, percussion, bass).


Review: Tim Carroll

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