'Big Red Bridge' – Niall Teague & The Fast Company - laid back warmth and lyrical richness

(February 20, 2018)

The influence of Irish tradition is strong, as is the presence of Americana folk, include subtle bluegrass touches and some country overtones and you have 'Big Red Bridge' from Niall niallteagueandthefastcomTeague & The Fast Company. The pull and impact of this collection drives through narrative songs that hold with their story and instrumentation that engages with a foundation drive of guitar, bass and percussion, augmented by sparkling flashes of fiddle, flute and accordion. The compositions, all original, come from Teague with a couple from a Teague/ Joyce combination and span a wide narrative backdrop.

The music holds a laid back warmth and lyrical richness, taking my attention were – the opener ‘Poor Boy’ with its languid inflection, the eponymous ‘Big Red Bridge’ full of reflection, the percussive pulse of ‘Brighter Days’, the observational tale of ‘Fly With The Wind’ and the striking honesty within ‘Dutiful Son’.

Playing on 'Big Red Bridge' are Niall Teague (vocals, guitar, piano, piano accordion, whistle, harmonica, percussion) Padraic Joyce (guitar, backing vocals) Úna Uí Éaniagh (fiddle, viola, cello, backing vocals) Maidhc Ó hÉaniagh (flute, low whistle, tin whistle) Javier Mula (mandolin) László Lásztor (double bass, vocals) Terry Cooke (drums, percussion) and Paul Mc Clure (bodhran).


Review: Tom Franks

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