'Glory Of The West' from Boldwood - pure listening pleasure

(February 20, 2018)

Sourcing much of their music from 'little-known publications and hand-written manuscripts' Boldwood add a slice of originality with no pretence at precise duplication, to create elegant, joyous dance music covering the English Civil War to the coronation of Queen Victoria, through their second full-length album: ‘Glory Of The West’. Although this Boldwood Glory of the Westmusic was originally intended to put verve and expression into the feet of dancers it is equally ‘at home’ as pure listening pleasure. 

‚ÄčFollowing their debut album, ‘Feet, Don't Fail Me Now’, released in 2007, ‘Glory Of The West’ proves the wait was well worth it. It’s rare to refer to an album as delightful, but with this excellent instrumental album that’s exactly what you get – from the enchantments of ‘Dainty Fine Bride’ and ‘John Clare’s Hornpipe/ Time and Truth’ to the charms of ‘The Bastille/ Molly’s Hop’ and ‘Kendal House’ this album offers 12 tracks of complete delight.

 Boldwood are Daniel Wolverson (fiddle, viola) Kate Moran (fiddle, viola) Becky Price (accordion) and Matthew Coatsworth (fiddle, viola, English concertina).


Review: Charlie Elland

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