‘Liberty Ship’ - Wildwood Jack “... scintillating instrumentation and rich, warm lead vocals”

(February 21, 2018)

The immediate impact and overriding memory of this acoustic guitar and ukulele duo are scintillating instrumentation and rich, warm lead vocals. On offer from their album, ‘Liberty Ship’LibertyShipCover is songwriting at its finest ... melody rich, hook infused, lyrically sparkling, instantly attractive and wholly enduring ... there’s little more that you could ask. The songs, built on a foundation of stripped-back production, sharp fingerstyle playing and captivating arrangements, combine essences of folk, country and Americana. The narratives inspire your interest, none of these songs could ‘burble away in the background’ while you do something else, they demand and they deserve attention.

With each tale you’ll find that you’re riveted, involved and care about the outcome ...  from the opening ‘Ordinary Day’ to the closing ‘Hush Little Baby’ ... there’s a cornucopia of songs, to cover them all would simply result in a track listing. To decide on stand-out songs is equally hard, but for me ... ‘The Captain And Me’ is a stunner, melody to die for and vocals to absorb, ‘Just a Dreamer’ and ‘Man Overboard’ are right up there, while listening to the superbly crafted and lovingly-delivered tale of ‘Unsinkable Sam’ and sharing in the deeply poignant journey of ‘Liberty Ship’ are experiences to relish.

‘Liberty Ship’ from Wildwood Jack is a definite five-star offering ... Jayne Freeman and Adam Piggot should be bloody proud.

Wildwood Jack are Jayne Freeman (vocals, ukulele) and Adam Piggot (acoustic guitar, vocal) with the talents of Liam Genocky (drums, percussion) and Harvey Summers (piano, accordion) on selected tracks. 'Liberty Ship' releases on 1st March 2018


Review: Tim Carroll

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