‘The Dark’ from Darwin’s Daughter – fresh, pure and memorable

(March 03, 2018)

The title might be ‘The Dark’ but there’s considerable light shining through this EP. Sure, The Dark album coverthere’s clearly some influence from personal pain but there’s also an essence of joy and hope, some searching for and finding deliverance that permeates these four songs. All original compositions from Darwin’s Daughter aka Fiona Ruth, the songs are fresh, pure and memorable. Couple their revelations and honest disclosures to some gorgeous melodies and you have a fundamentally revealing and intimate, and by extension ultimately liberating piece of work.

The lead track ‘Dark Fires’ uncovers some truths about love, while ‘Moonlight’ takes the listener into a gentle place, before the quite frankly stunning ‘Angel On My Shoulder’ looks at loss in a different way and in doing so finds solace; to finish ‘Godless World’ makes a lamenting statement about finding new beginnings. New or established artist, an EP does its job if the ‘taster’ leaves you wanting more – ‘The Dark’ does just that.


Review: Charlie Elland

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