‘Never Say Goodbye, Say Good Luck’ – Caroline Keane & Tom Delany - fresh as springtime’s dawn mists

(March 07, 2018)

It’s a truism that Irish traditional music, sparkling jig or sentimental air, provides a vital connection and vibrancy between musician and audience. For sure, there’s always been mixing and blending of style and influence across traditions but the weight of generations pours through the Irish tradition. As with all traditions, there are always new interpreters coming forward to add their own touches of Never Say Goodbye Say Good Luckinvention and impart a ‘living’ energy that gives an enduring edge to long-lived heritage. The latest pairing to add their creative drive to the Irish musical legacy is Caroline Keane & Tom Delany, with their album ‘Never Say Goodbye, Say Good Luck’.

The combination of concertina and uilleann pipes sounds utterly complete. The interplay between the musicians is entrancing, a closeness of interaction fitting perfectly with the tunes. Keane and Delany present an unbridled passion for all to hear. The blend includes original, contemporary and long-loved compositions ... from the opening reel set ‘Paddy Taylor’s/ Hold the Reins/ Famous Ballymote’ through the jigs of ‘Return to Burton Road/ The Inishbolin Jig/ Brother John’ to the hornpipe set ‘The Friendly Visit/ The Hills of Coore’ there’s enchantment that’s a fresh as springtime’s dawn mists.

‘Never Say Goodbye, Say Good Luck’ from Caroline Keane (concertina) and Tom Delany (uilleann pipes) also involves the talents across selected tracks of Elaine Hogan (harp) Donogh Hennesy (guitar) Cyril O’Donoghue (bouzouki) Laura Kerr (fiddle) Brian O’Loughlin (flute) and Robbie Walsh (bodhrán, bones)


Review: Tim Carroll

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