‘Albion’ from Alan Catton - studied beauty and considered splendour

(March 18, 2018)

A solo album of guitar music (with a smattering of flute) that’s ‘Albion’ from Alan Catton (he of Hull-based folk band Beggar’s Bridge). This collection guitar-based instrumentals is described Albion - album coverby its creator as “... mainly Celtic in nature, but with the occasional diversion to folk/ blues.” Well that’s a fair description of what you get, a little prosaic perhaps, because ‘Albion’ has a breadth and scope that covers a far wider reach than simply Celtic. This is an album of studied beauty and considered splendour - it’s also something rather special.

Catton not only plays a mean acoustic guitar, he composes with genuine empathy. Setting his themes through his travels around Albion (England before the Roman invaders preferred Brittania) Catton evokes ancient places, peoples and pastimes through tracks like ‘By the Cleveland Way’, ‘St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay’ and ‘The Valley Forge’. He even applies his  skill set to reflecting on such things as Tolkein’s masterpiece with ‘The Grey Havens’, the ancient sun-festival with ‘Saturnalia’ and the works of Alfred Wainwright through ‘By Innominate Tarn’.


Review: Charlie Elland

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