‘A Bright Ray Of Sunshine’ – Barry Nisbet - an album worthy of serious consideration

(March 17, 2018)

Confession time – the name Barry Nisbet is new to me and until this album arrived, his Bright Ray of Sunshinemusic was unknown too. Thankfully, with ‘A Bright Ray Of Sunshine’, that’s all changed. And to be honest, changed very much for the better. It takes but a few listens to realise here is a man of considerable depth and an album worthy of serious consideration. The ten original songs conjure images and imaginings - from the essence of his native Shetland to places further afield, taking the listener through paths of wisdom, heritage, legend and history.

The mix of Nisbet’s music shows undeniable influences of folk, and along the way there’s also touches of Americana and a soupcon of jazzy inflection, the result is a warm mix of entirely memorable songs – ‘Borderland’, the mournful narrative of ‘Comfortless Cove’, the delight that is ‘Brydon’s & Anona’s Wedding Waltz’, ‘Train to Anywhere’, the yearning of ‘Hunger’s Daughter’ and ‘Within Sadness’.

Playing on selected tracks on ‘A Bright Ray Of Sunshine’ with Barry Nisbet (vocals, fiddle, guitar) are Theo Barnard (lead guitar, guitar, backing vocal) Ade Dacre (drums) Stephen Jack (bass) Amira Kremers (backing vocals) Fiona McAndrew (backing vocals) Robbie Ward (piano, harmonium, Rhodes, whistle, bass, backing vocals) and Robin Wynn Evans (percussion).


Review: Charlie Elland

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