‘Solid Ground’ – Shane Mulchrone – imaginative expression and creation

(March 27, 2018)

I can hear many saying; “An album of banjo music?” No need for the question. The answer is: “Yes it is.” And it’s also damn good! Probably one of the world’s most unjustly maligned instruments in Solid Ground Shane Mulchronethe hands of a master the banjo takes on new life and without doubt Shane Mulchrone is just hat – a man who not only knows his way around the instrument but able to give it multiple shades of both light and dark.

The album is called ‘Solid Ground’ and the origination and interpretation of jig and reel sets coupled to a soulful air and lively barn dances reflects that image. The foundations are solid, mostly grounded in the seat of traditional music from the west of Ireland, however Mulchrone adds his own imaginative expression and creation to build an album that’s aching to be heard.

'Solid Ground' is an album that will not only change the minds of many about banjo music but will ensure Mulchrone’s name remains among the ranks of ‘masters of their art’.


Review: Charlie Elland

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