‘Light The Evening Fire’ from Glymjack - a classic piece of contemporary English folk

(April 05, 2018)

The English folk universe is expanding, perhaps not with the same cataclysmic result as that other Big Bang, however it’s still extending the folk cosmos. The latest album from artists that fall squarely into those leading the enlarging environs of folk is ‘Light The Evening Fire’ from Glymjack - Light the Evening FireGlymjack. Naturally, you’re going to hear deep respect for tradition, you’re also going to pick up on twinges of Americana and distinctive originality.

‘Light The Evening Fire’ is easily summed up as contemporary folk demonstrating exactly how it should be delivered, from the eminently memorable title track ‘Light The Evening Fire’ through their inimitable and imaginative take on tradition with ‘Bows Of London’ and ‘The Sweet Trinity’ to the thought provoking messages of ‘Hope Point’ and the anthemic ‘Made In England’. The overall feel of ‘Light The Evening Fire’ is wholly absorbing – lyrics, vocals, harmonies, instrumentation, production – well on its way to becoming a classic piece of contemporary English folk.

Glymjack are singer-songwriter Greg McDonald (accordion, bass, cuatro, guitar, tenor guitar, mandocello, mandolin, piano, vocals) Gemma Gayner (violins, violas, vocals) and Dickon Collinson (bass) featured on the album are some well-known names including Phil Beer, Steve Knightley and Miranda Sykes, with Sam Kelly, Evan Carson, Louise McDonald, Tom Peters and Claire Portman.

‘Light the Evening Fire releases 20 April 2018.


Review: Charlie Elland

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