‘Little Fish’ - Milton Hide - high melodic quality, perfectly-matched voices and rich storytelling

(April 07, 2018)

New bands always benefit from an indefinable ‘something’ that differentiates them from that huge raft of musical expression usually called ‘the rest’ – that’s no guarantee of success but it surely helps. The EP ‘Little Fish’ from Milton Hide falls squarely into that bracket – there’s Milton Hide Little Fishsomething about it that not only attracts it remains. Clearly, deeply entrenched in the folk tradition, ‘Little Fish’ is a short collection of six original songs, high in melodic quality, perfectly-matched voices and rich with storytelling – and each providing a taste of the scope on offer.

Opening with a jolly little song possessed of an infectious hook ‘Home Is Where Your Heart Is’ they move into classic murder ballad narrative with ‘Monkyn Pyn’, from there they edge closer to an almost Americana feel with the folksy advice of ‘Better off Dead’, the despondent tone and keening violin of ‘Perfect Place To Hang’ reveals more, while the mournful edge continues with ‘Love Is A Bitch (Then You Die) – another elegantly written song.

It has long been an assertion of this reviewer (and many others) that an EP must leave you wanting more ... this one does.


Review: Charlie Elland

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