‘A Colourful Journey’ – Roger Pugh - a life-line travelogue of memories and experiences

(April 09, 2018)

Anyone with more than a few years in the ‘folk world’ is more than likely to know Roger Pugh – perhaps as singer songwriter, long-time busker, folk opera composer, part of The Stoned Cherries or for his ‘musical character roles’ from Sylvesta the Jester to Artful Roger. Now, his fourth album ‘A Colourful Journey’ is set to ‘spread the word’ even further.

This is broadly a concept album, taking in Pugh’s voyage through life (so far). Along the wayRoger Pugh A Colourful Journey through the expedition there’s narrative references to the changing vagaries of life, sharp observations, paternal advice, personal revelations and a wealth of collected stories, all built on a foundation of folk with a mix of influences and genres moving throughout. The album opens with ‘Dark Is The Rolling Sea’ a sombre tale of death at sea, this is followed by ‘The Busker’ a moving tribute to all the street musicians moved on and arrested. There are excerpts from his folk opera ‘A Minstrel’s Tale’ with ‘A Romp Through The Barley’ and ‘The Day Before The Hanging’, plus personal messages to his son with ‘Run With The Moonlight’, and hispartner ‘My Lady, My Heart’. And to cap it all, there’s ‘Final Arrangements’, with the man’s own funeral preparations crafted into a song.

‘A Colourful Journey’ is a life-line travelogue that records one man’s memories and experiences in a way that is both supremely accessible and wonderfully easy to identify with.


Review: Charlie Elland

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