‘Live From Art Farm’ – The Fretless - vision applied to tradition and the result scintillates

(April 21, 2018)

The word inventive is frequently misused, however in this case invention is there by the bucket-load. In fact, the level of sparkling creativity and origination employed by Canadian Fretless Live-from-the-Art-Farmband The Fretless takes the tradition into new realms with elaborate and innovative arrangements. Their new album, ‘Live From Art Farm’ due to release in May, was recorded live as they explore a selection of Irish tunes and self-penned compositions with all the ingenuity and imagination lovers of their art might expect. For anyone new to The Fretless, don’t expect a simple re-working of tradition, look further than that as vision is applied to tradition and the result scintillates. 

Their musical adventure emphasise the utmost expression from their collection of stringed instruments, combining new compositions, influences and styles into approaches that take that wonderful thing called ‘tradition’ further than it ever thought to travel. The voyage takes in ‘Macleod’s Farewell/ Palmer’s Gate’, the vital ‘Maggie’s Set’ and ‘Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie/ Bear Island’ the splendid ‘Holton Alan Moore’s’, ‘The Templehouse/ The Holy Land’ and ‘The Star of Munster’.

The Fretless are Trent Freeman, Karrenel Sawitsky, Ben Plotnik and Eric Wright


Review: Tom Franks

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