‘The Rough Bounds’ – Dàimh - instant and lasting magnetism

(April 23, 2018)

There’s always a strong involvement with an album from Dàimh – the inspired musicianship, the haunting vocals, the mix of tradition with innovation – and ‘The Rough Bounds’ is no exception. Taking its title from the area of West Lochaber where Dàimh started and where legend and history combine to create a land rich in music and stories, that’s what you get withTHE-ROUGH BOUNDS ALBUM COVER this album, a richness of music and narrative blending finely arranged tradition with carefully crafted originals to deliver a wide-ranging variety of focuses from drinking and fighting, to heartbreak and vanishing at sea.

The record of the geographical Rough Bounds with its fiercely independent environment has inspired the fostering of Gaelic culture, and the efforts of Dàimh continue to reflect both its past and future. From the evocatively beautiful ‘’S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan’, ‘Tha Fadachd orm Fhìn’ and ‘Òran Bhàgh a’ Chàise’ brought to life by Ellen MacDonald’s eloquently emotive vocals, to the infectious effervescence of pipes and fiddles with ‘12th of June’, ‘Donald MacLeod Reels’ and ‘Mary’s Fancy’ there’s instant and lasting magnetism.

Dàimh are Angus MacKenzie (Highland Pipes, Border Pipes, whistles) Ellen MacDonald (Gaelic song) Gabe McVarish (fiddles) Murdo Cameron (accordion, mandola) Ross Martin (guitars) and Alasdair White (fiddles) with guests on selected tracks Martin O’Neill (bodhran) Duncan Lyall (double bass) Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion) and Kathleen MacInnes, Calum Alex MacMillan, Ewen Henderson (backing vocals).

‘The Rough Bounds’ releases 27th May 2018 on Goat Island Music.


Review: Charlie Elland

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