‘This Time’ – SugaTree – a multi-layered mix of inspiration

(April 26, 2018)

Original, pop-driven folk with multiple influencing overtones, that best describes the album ‘This Time’ from the Australian trio, SugaTree. So that poses the This Time Sugatreequestion: "If there's Americana then is this Australiana?" The question is more than appropriate because in addition to a certain Celtic influence you hear touches of Americana; then listen closely as bluegrass pops up as well. The multi-layered mix makes ‘This Time’ hard to classify, and that’s no criticism - take the music as it comes and enjoy it - you could always exercise your mind and endeavour to spot the influences.

The intriguingly named ‘Eyoh’ opens and falls squarely into that ‘hard to classify’ bracket, followed by the more upbeat ‘We Need Freedom’ – it’s about now the band kicks into gear with tight as you like harmonies, finely phased instrumentation and precisely placed whistle accents. ‘As We Begin’ flush with hooks and eminently memorable, slows the pace, before ‘This Time’ and ‘Falling’ continue the engagement, and lead you into the rest of the album. As a debut ‘This Time’ is tight and polished, well produced, and worthy of some of your hard-earned cash.

SugaTree are Natalie Parker (vocals, penny whistle) Ryan Pentland (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, kick-drum) and Yanni Dellaportas (vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano, bass guitar) and joining on ‘This Time’ Bluzoid (orchestration, drum programming, clapping) with on selected tracks Grant Miller (djembe) Sally Carter (violin) and Jenni Mosher (viola, violin).


Review: Charlie Elland

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