‘Punch’ from The Poozies - a multiplicity of facets to reflect their unique style

(May 01, 2018)

The restrictive categorising and classification of bands and musicians is a pastime that I avoid ... and with the mesmeric sound of The Poozies that’s entirely feasible. Their latest Punch from The Pooziesalbum ‘Punch’ takes the listener on an unrestricted journey through their diverse and liberating musical world, hard to classify but deeply easy to enjoy. There are musical twists and turns, inspired innovations, wry humour and a multiplicity of facets that combine to reflect their unique style.

The journey begins with the instrumental sparkle and drive of ‘Punch’ while the mood changes with the gorgeous Gaelic vocal of ‘Ailein’, from there the atmospheric musical convolutions of ‘Bloodknot’ make their presence felt, before the idiosyncratic absurdity of ‘Soaking’ arrives with its scary comedy, followed closely by an imaginative take on Jim Sutherland’s ‘Isobel’. The unrestrained ‘Knees of Fire’ seems desperate to fly and almost on the verge of escaping, ahead of the sultry ‘Wedding Song’ with its intricate harmonies, and the wonderfully absorbing ‘Plecthumb’.

Listen carefully to ‘Punch’ as outstanding originals, virtuoso interpretations and unexpected arrangements take you into uncharted realms ... unique spheres that need no labels.

The much morphed incarnation of The Pozies has both originals and new members, currently its Mary Macmaster (electro-harp, vocals) with Eilidh Shaw (fiddle, vocals) Sarah McFadyen (fiddle, five-string banjo, guitar, vocals) and Tia Files (guitar, stomp box, bass drum, fiddle, vocals).


Review: Tim Carroll

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