‘Swallowed By The New’ - Glen Phillips '... personal ‘baring of the soul’

(May 02, 2018)

Known more widely as front man of Toad the Wet Sprocket, Glen Phillips also has a burgeoning career as a solo artist, his latest album ‘Swallowed By The New’ is a personal Swallowed by the Newrevelation, an illustrated change of direction, a raw description of hurt. In summary it’s probably the most personal ‘baring of the soul’ I’ve heard in a long time.

‘Swallowed By The New’ is a passionate album, no doubt, it’s also a soul-tearing album – torn from the soul of the artist and tearing at the soul of the listener. Drive deep into the lyrics and there’s sadness and grief, loss and leaving, searching and finally, some understanding and acceptance.

The flow of songs on  ‘Swallowed By The New’ offers a chronicle-like narrative, opening with ‘Go’ morphing into ‘Baptistina’, before you slide into the depths of ‘Leaving Old Town’ and ‘The Easy Ones’. These stories disclose vulnerability while expressing a certain recognition of circumstance – the searching ‘Amnesty’, the echoes of change in ‘Grief and Praise’ and the punch delivered through the wasted days of ‘Held Up’.


Review: Tom Franks

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