‘By Way Of Night’ Odette Michell - gently engrossing collection of original work

(May 02, 2018)

As female folk voices go this one will stay with you. There’s a warm sincerity to the interpretation of the songs, a heartfelt involvement that beckons the listener. The EP, ‘By Way Of Night’ from singer songwriter Odette Michell is a gently engrossing collection of BY Way of The Nightoriginal work with the inclusion of a folk classic.

The connection occurs straightaway with 'After The Hurricane' - instantly memorable and proves you’re listening to an obvious talent - from there 'Mockingbird' changes pace into a theme of reflection, then follows 'Silver Moon' with some distinctive country echoes and a feeling of longing after a cherished memory before the sensitive narrative of 'The Things We Cannot Say' completes the originals. Now if you’re going to cover a folk classic, especially one by Sandy Denny, then you’d better get it right - 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes' is perfectly delivered with that vital personal touch that allows Odette to make it her own.

‘By Way Of Night’ is a short ‘taster’ that demonstrates freshness and vitality enduring in English folk, it also presents a talent that English folk should not ignore.

Playing on the EP are Odette Michell (vocals, guitar, backing vocals) Alex Tinlin (percussion, bass, viola, piano, synths) with on selected tracks Harry Phillips (slide guitar, electric guitar) Katy Schur (accordion) Rolf Tinlin (mandolin) and Annelise White (cello).


Review: Charlie Elland

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