‘Queen City Jubilee’ - The Slocan Ramblers - drives bluegrass onto new roads

(May 07, 2018)

Tearing out of Canada with the throttle wide open and the engine screaming that’s The Slocan Ramblers, a band that drives bluegrass onto new roads. The respect for tradition is obvious and so is the desire to take it into a future rich with innovation and creativity. The musicianshipSlocan-Ramblers- album cover is faultless as is the interaction between the musicians, and together the band is as tight as the proverbial tick on a hound – there’s no seams on show between instruments or voices, it’s that snug.

The new album ‘Queen City Jubilee’ hits these shores in June and blends those elements that make the band supremely listenable. Scooting across and embellishing ‘traditionals’, laying down spiky attention-grabbing originals, from songs to instrumentals there’s something to savour start to finish. ‘The hit list includes the traditions of ‘Mississippi Heavy Water Blues’ and ‘Riley The Furniture Man’, the originality of Frank Evans with ‘Just To Know’ and ‘Shut the Door’, Daryl Poulsen’s ‘Down In The Sugarbush’ and from Adrian Goss ‘Hill To Climb’ and ‘Through and Through’.

The Slocan Ramblers are Frank Evans (banjo, harmonica, vocals) Adrian Goss (mandolin) Darryl Poulsen (guitar, vocals) and Alastair Whitehead (bass).


Review: Tom Franks

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