‘The Pipe Slang’ - Jamie MacDonald and Christian Gamauf - outstanding debut from two talented musicians

(May 10, 2018)

Search for a blend of Scottish pipes and fiddle and you’ll probably come up with two possible answers, the first is music that’s characteristically Hebridean, the second is the partnership of The Pipe Slang album cover 001Jamie MacDonald and Christian Gamauf. Add to their catalogue of influence, music from Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia and Asturias in the north of Spain, combine that with a fierce desire and a consummate skill to innovate and that’s their debut album ‘The Pipe Slang’.

Meeting while studying on the Isles of Uist the duo found a common love of innovation and tradition, then while playing together and taking in a musical and cultural exchange project in Asturius, the inspiration for ‘The Pipe Slang’ took root. Traditional jigs, reels and laments work alongside contemporary songs and tunes taken from the breadth of their sources, to make ‘The Pipe Slang’ (releasing on 1st June 2018 on Pipe Slang Records) an outstanding debut album from two talented musicians.

The musicians on ‘The Pipe Slang’ are Jamie MacDonald (fiddle, backing vocals) Christian Gamauf (Highland pipes, Border pipes, D Small pipes) with guests on selected tracks Jack McRobbie (guitar) Adam Young (piano) Anna Rachel MacDonald (clarsach, vocals) Anna-Wendy Stevenson (viola) and Sophie Stephenson (step dance).


Review: Terry Barlow

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