‘We All Share The Same Sky’ by Jon Budworth - immediate communion of artist with listener

(May 15, 2018)

The prime elements of a Jon Budworth song remain unchanged ... the distinctive voice that pours presence into his words, the skilful touch on guitar, and the razor sharp perception revealed in his lyrics. Following the EPs ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Trees Turn To Fire’ comes We All Share The Same Sky - Jon BudworthBudworth’s first full-length album, ‘We All Share The Same Sky’ ... and with nine originals and one traditional folk song, this singer-songwriter has released an album of that if justice holds good, will establish Budworth as an artist deserving of wider recognition.

Opening with ‘Waiting For The Lightning’ there’s an immediate communion of artist with listener, vocals and instrumentation simply-joined to create an instantly-memorable song, the empathy created continues through the longing for simplicity within ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ before the plea for wider understanding and acceptance sears through ‘We All Share The Same Sky’ ... therein lays the quality that makes this album so good. There’s an almost keening edge to the man’s voice that sometimes reflects overtones of sixties folk troubadours, most evident through the powerful ‘Hill View’ and then comes the deeply moving narrative of ‘The Great Escaper’, again with that distinctive emotive vocal edge, before there’s the folk rock tinged version of ‘Rosebuds In June’.

‘We All Share The Same Sky’ moves deftly between the simplicity of ‘man with guitar’ and more expansive production, all the time holding your attention, start to finish.  

Playing on ‘We All Share The Same Sky’ are Jon Budworth (guitar, vocals) with on selected tracks Lynne O’Malley (vocals) Wendy Ross (violin) Phil Snell (mandolin) and Bernard Cromarty (accordion).


Review: Tim Carroll

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