‘Clype’ - self titled debut album with a meditative magic at work throughout

(July 01, 2015)

Now, pay attention, no snap decisions, this one will grow on you. When it does, and it will, you’re going to find yourself rewarded with some utterly category-busting music that will sweep away preconceptions. ‘Clype’ is the self-titled debut album from a Scottish duo that clearly make it their mission to soak up and interpret influences from far, wide and everywhere else in between. 
clype dbut albumThey take the Scottish folk tradition, plunder Latin American rhythms, employ jazz inventions, and combine piano with fiddle to build expansive narratives that create a refreshing and inimitable sound.

Fusion is a much-used and much-misinterpreted word in music. To find out how it really works take time to listen to Clype. Time invested getting to know this music will be time invested in the betterment of your own well-being. And if that sounds effusive, good, it’s meant to. Clype represent yet one more facet in the expansive and explorative edge of folk music, and they’re very good at what they do.

Clype are pianist and singer-songwriter Simon Gall and fiddler Jonny Hardie, together they have delivered an album that personifies different. And that’s the point where some might make an error of judgement - “It’s different therefore I don’t like it” – what absolute rot! It’s different, thought-provoking, defiant and quite literally overflowing with a vibrancy and freshness that draws you into its creative stimulation. From the exciting ‘The Brush to Paint Us All’ through the Latin-inspired edge of 'Down With May' to the thoughtful reflections of ‘Red Tide’ and emotive ‘The Internationale’ the blend of heritage and innovation works to perfection.

This is an album to relish and appreciate. There’s a meditative magic at work throughout and you should share it. 'Clype' releases on 24 July on Other Music Records, find Clype here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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