‘Domestic Eccentric’- Old Man Luedecke - their stories will always stand solid

(July 18, 2015)

There’s a new album ‘Domestic Eccentric’ from Canadian singer-songwriter Chris Luedecke, better known as Old Man Luedecke. It’s mix of folk and bluegrass with an added ‘something’ - that touch on the banjo that drags so much from the instrument, a turn of lyric that makes you catch your breath and a delivery that rolls easily from celebratory and joyful to domestic eccentricsombre and thought provoking.

At its most basic, ‘Domestic Eccentric’ is an intensely personal album reflecting a relationship between man and a woman, his place in this world, his family, leaving home and returning. It’s also a philosophical look at the big things that change life and the small things that mean so much, even though they’re only fleeting.  From the pure love in ‘The Girl With The Pearl Earing’: “You can’t fake a work of art ‘cause there’s love in every part” through sharp observations in ‘The Early Days’: “You got to hold on, it goes so fast” to the everyday understanding of ‘Old Highway Of Love’: “There’s rust and dents, gone soft in the brakes. Our love is a model that cannot be replaced.”

These songs expose a wide range of personal feelings and emotions. They make you feel that however life changes as the road goes on, their stories will always stand solid. As the man says: “I’m just an old trick done by an old dog.”

‘Domestic Eccentric’ is performed by Old Man Luedecke along with Tim O’Brien, vocalist Jennah Barry, drummer Nick Halley and Samson Grisman on bass. Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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