‘Let It Be’ from Simon Murphy - an accomplished album from a talented artist

(July 21, 2015)

Don’t you just love it when an album carries you along on a wave of innate energy, passion and commitment – well that’s what you get with ‘Let It Be’ from singer songwriter Simon Murphy. There’s a fundamental attraction at work - the hold of its ear-catching hooks, its striking, let it be front cover 001lingering melodies and its keenly shaped lyrics - a combination that makes ‘Let It Be’ a cracking debut. It blends Northern Ireland with Nashville, Antrim and Americana, rock with folk and comes armed with a breadth and depth that reflects its creator’s talent; in Murphy’s words: “I figure if I aim for the head, heart and gut, and reach anyone on any of these levels, I’ll be ok.” Well, I reckon that the aim is true because it hits the spot on all three levels, without a single near miss.

Gutsy drive or pensive reflection, Murphy’s narrative skill pours through every level, from the rock-infused punch of ‘Once upon a time’ through ‘Meet me on the other side’ to the expressive remonstration of ‘Not in my name’, there’s a sense of a man dedicated to making a statement. There’s a perceptive revelation and reflective truths with ‘Here goes nothing’, and powerful lyrical expression through ‘I have a voice’ and ‘I smell a rat’, while the simple acoustic ‘The idiot’ tells an easily identifiable tale

‘Let It Be’ is an accomplished album of great songs from a talented artist – you can’t ask for much more.

‘Let It Be’ launches on 4 September 2015 and features Simon Murphy (guitar, vocals) with Michael McCluskey (guitar, backing vocals) Charlene Law (backing vocals) Michael Mormecha Drums) Rory McAuley (drums) Paul Kane (double bass) Tim napier (bass) Kaz Hawkins (vocals) Anthony Toner (slide guitar, lap steel, electric guitar) Gwyneth Reid (cllo) Linley Hamilton (trumpet) Colin Elliott (violin) and Ian Hannah (keys).

Find Simon Murphy here: simonmurphymusic

Review: Tim Carroll

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