‘Deck’ from folk musician Mark Gamon - this is poetry added to music

(July 20, 2015)

As a term ‘contemporary folk’ irks with me, as does the overused ‘folk fusion’, however to describe music there’s a need to use words that get as close as possible to what you’re hearing. ‘Deck’ from folk musician Mark Gamon certainly references modern issues or more accurately topics from today’s deck mark gamonperspective, it also includes a wealth of musical influences to build an album that welds styles to narrative to carry weight and convey meaning. So it’s current folk built on far ranging inspirations, and poor though that explanation might be it will have to do.

With time for wider description of Gamon’s work, your descriptive efforts expand: folk essences tinged with blues, stories replete with meaning, tunes to make their tales come alive, a warm voice that teases emphasis from every word and a subtly persuasive absorbing guitar style. The journey through ‘Deck’ begins with the hankering for ‘Canada’, moves into the cutting ‘Immigrant Heart’ and the essential longing of the street artist in ‘I Painted A Ship’ – each song possessing lyrics that make you think and think again. There’s poetry here that added to his music is truly worth your attention - ‘Cowrie Beach’ offers memories worth knowing, ‘Magnets’ evokes past through present and the beautifully constructed ‘Kirsty’s Beach’ paints vivid word pictures.

Alongside Mark Gamon (guitar, vocals) on ‘Deck’ is Thursday’s Band who are Nick Blishen (guitar) Lucinda Fudge (viola, fiddle) matt Kelly fiddle, viola, mandolin) and Francine Loze (cello) with special guests Greg Camburn (whistle) Bella Chipperfield (harp, harmony) Brian Harvey (bass) Hannah Sanders and Lizzie J. Taylor (harmonies).


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