‘A Good American Life’ by Ed Dupas - songs from nowhere other than the spirit of Americana

(July 21, 2015)

Certain songwriters encompass all there is to hear about personal experiences, places they’ve lived and what life feels like to them, then when you listen to their music it seems to sum up some of your own feelings and encounters. Ed Dupas has with his debut album, ‘A Good American Life’ done all that and more. A man cast in the mould of the great American blue-collar troubadours, taking the essences of folk, country and rock, Dupas has turned out songs that could come from nowhere other than the spirit of Americana.ed-dupas-a-good-american-life-cover

Dark nights, deep sunsets, cold dawns, dry days, sad reflections, uncertain regrets and hopeful expectations are revealed through ‘A Good American Life’. The vocals move from mournful, through triumphant to consoling. The title track has all the drive and authority that its subject demands, ‘Remember My Love’ continues the theme, ‘This Old Town’ maps the decay of a hometown dream, while ‘Flag’ shows the price of sacrifice. There’s not a track on this album that doesn’t hold its own special place, subjective or wide-ranging, contemplative or mercurial. Listen to ‘Whiskey Bones’, the harrowing ‘You Don’t Get To Explain’ and the brutally frank tale of ‘Too Late Now’ and you’ll understand. This will become a seminal piece of Americana.

Ed Dupas handles acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals on ‘A Good American Life’, which also features Michael Crittenden (electric and acoustic guitar, organ, piano, harmonica, background vocals) Rob Avsharian (drums) John Connors (bass) Drew Howard (pedal steel) Craig Griffith (harmonica) and Tara Cleveland (background vocals).  You can find Ed Dupas here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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