‘Comfortable Hatred’ by Greg Hancock - eccentricities, let-downs, expectations and regrets

(July 27, 2015)

According to the PR blurb Greg Hancock is a regular performer on the Exeter music scene, be that as it may, comfortable hatred 001with his brand of lush, intricate finger picked guitar, warmly engaging voice and characteristic ‘left of centre’ idiosyncratic lyrics I see no reason why that reach should not extend - and quickly too. The thoughtful songs on his EP, ‘Comfortable Hatred’ look at life, recording its eccentricities, let-downs, expectations and regrets all delivered with a slightly jaded yet ever-hopeful expression.

With his wandering story-songs, Hancock offers an homage to Joni Mitchell in ‘Old Lady’, the passage of change and regret with ‘Buckles and Buttons’ and the simple yet often aggravating acceptance of friends with ‘Comfortable Hatred’. And then there’s the long journey through ‘Three Conversations’ as it leads the listener through a collection of observations on people and their beliefs and reactions – lyrics that are somewhat severe and unforgiving in their observation, and yet a powerfully charismatic song.

This is music for listening, with nothing else interfering otherwise most of its effect will pass you by.

Playing with Hancock (acoustic guitar, vocals) on ‘Comfortable Hatred’ are Lukas Drinkwater (double bass) and Jo Hooper (cello). Website:

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