‘Terre Rouge’ by Vishtèn - musicianship that personifies ‘style’

(August 14, 2015)

Vishtèn take a rich slice of Canadian roots music driven by the influences of the French-Canadian regions of Eastern Canada, add their own instinctive interpretations and with characteristic Acadian vishten - terre rougefiddle techniques display musicianship that personifies ‘style’. Their individual and collective dexterity mixes traditional and original tunes and songs that exude innovation built on strong cultural foundations. The originators of this utterly captivating music are Emmanuelle and Pastelle Le Blanc and Pascal Miousse – it’s a thorough delight to absorb its unique rhythms, infectious melodies and visceral potency on their singular album ‘Terre Rouge’.

Their idiosyncratic approach pours through the title track ‘Terre Rouge’ and continues through songs like ‘Ma mie tant blanche’, ‘Corrandina’ and ‘Coeur en Mer’ – there’s no issue if you do not ‘have’ the language, simply glory in the vocals and their seductive hold, you’ll soon tune in to the messages. And as for the tunes themselves, it’s so easy to lose yourself in their subtle yet enveloping embrace – listen to ‘Trois Blizzards’, ‘La Valse a Alonzo’, ‘Chalet Groove’ and ‘Sarazine’ and you’ll soon discover their primal attraction.

On ‘Terre Rouge’ the musicians are Pastelle Le Blanc (vocals, accordion, piano, mandolin, bass synth) Emmanuelle Le Blanc (vocals, whistles, octave mandolin, piano, bodhrán, jaw harp, foot percussion, bass synth) and Pascal Miousse (vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin) with guest Ėloi Painchaud (guitar, vocals).


Review: Tom Franks

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